European Film Factory is happy and proud to be supported by organisations from all over Europe and to count them as its friends!


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Croation Audiovisual Centre

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre is the Government-backed strategic agency for the audiovisual sector in Croatia. It aims to stimulate a successful, vibrant audiovisual industry as well as to promote the widest possible enjoyment and understanding of audiovisual works throughout Croatia. It was founded in 2008 as a result of the new Law on Audiovisual Activities unanimously passed by the Croatian Parliament in July 2007. It is funded by the grant-in-aid from the Government and through contributions of all those using audiovisual works, such as broadcasters, digital, cable and satellite operators, Internet providers, telecoms, etc. The film literacy project of the Croatian Audiovisual Center covers all the center's activities, which aim at long-term improvement of cooperation between the audiovisual and educational sectors in the Republic of Croatia, with the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of film teaching, i.e. with the aim of encouraging and promoting film and audiovisual literacy.


Croatian Film Association

Croatian Film Association is an association of non-professional film and video groups operating in Croatia since 1928. Croatian Film Association assembles cinema and video clubs, film groups and individuals from primary school to adult members, encourages their work (providing financing, managing and expert help), contributes to education of mentors and members of film groups, organizes presentations and evaluation of film and video works by children and adult authors, at home and abroad, and works on preservation of best film and video works of non-professional cinema. Since 1992, the Association has been a member of the international organization of non-professional cinema (UNICA). Under the Association’s patronage operate 162 film and video youth clubs and 33 associations with legal status, along with a great number of independent film and video authors.


Four River Film Festival

Four River Film Festival is an international festival of films made by young authors 14 to 20 years old. In addition to the high school films in the competition program, Festival is known for their accompanying content that accompanies the work of high school students year after year: workshops, round tables, excursions, musical performances... Also, the Festival has the most beautiful cinema hall in the whole world - the banks of the four rivers of Karlovac. The Festival takes place every year in September. The number of registered films increases from year to year, and in 2022, 1.364 films were registered. The physical edition is visited by more than 200 high school students and their teachers, and as many as 5.000 visitors, and last year's edition also had a total digital reach of over 308.786 people.



PÖFF - Black Nights Film Festival

Black Nights Film Festival (BNFF, known as Tallinn Black Nights Film festival until 2000) was first held in 1997. Since 2014 the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) named BNFF one of the 15 A-category film festivals in the world. 

Film education in schools for general education - PÖFF in School

The main goal of this project is to promote film studies and to bring film education to schools for general education. There are currently more than 400 schools for general education in Estonia, where more than 200,000 children and young people study. As film is one of the most consumed mediums, it’s teaching, like other subjects, is very important today. Most Estonian schools do not offer film studies today.

In addition to increasing students’ knowledge of film, it is also important to train teachers as to how to use film in education and to introduce the possibilities of integrating film art as a means of expression with other subjects. Increasing the competence of teachers reduces the need for a separate film teacher, but at the same time increases the possibility that film education will remain in schools.



CICAE - International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas

The CICAE - International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas is a non-profit association representing and supporting arthouse cinemas. Through its projects and activities the CICAE aims at promoting cultural diversity in cinemas and festivals.



EFAD (European Film Agency Directors association) is the voice of national European Film Agencies, bringing together the 35 national film and audiovisual centers across Europe. EFAD membership covers the European Union countries as well as Iceland, Norway, the Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.





FIPADOC is an International Documentary Film Festival held every year at the end of January in Biarritz, in the heart of the Basque Country. It brings together audiences and professionals around a selection of exceptional works. 

A place for meetings and the emergence of new projects, FIPADOC is committed to impact, innovation, education and film literacy and new talent.

CAMPUS works closely with young people on projects on the themes of image appreciation, vocational training for young professionals in the documentary sector, and promoting new talent.

The New talent selection is part of our vision to be involved in the emergence of new talent and to put them in the spotlight, as new creators inject a whole new perspective and energy to the world of documentary.




VISION KINO – Network for Film and Media Competences is a non-profit association active throughout Germany providing a service for educational film work both in and outside school. VISION KINO aims at heightening the perception of film as a cultural good, especially among children and young people, and developing an awareness of cinema as an experiential, cultural and educational location. The long-term aim is to enhance the skills needed to decipher moving pictures and foster greater knowledge of film and its traditions.




The Chania Film Festival is an organisation that operates throughout the year in Cinema, Education and Culture. Its annual program includes film screenings, live events, special projects and innovative educational workshops. Under the program CFF Edu, the Chania Film Festival develops and runs throughout the year a series of projects for all ages that focus on film and audiovisual education. The high point of its activity is the Festival, a multifaceted and multicultural celebration of cinema, that takes place the last 10 days of October. 



The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, founded in 2004, is a unique cultural centre dedicated to the study, support and propagation of the performing arts, with particular focus upon theatre and cinema.  In keeping with the principles of its founder, the late director Michael Cacoyannis, the aims of the Foundation are rooted in its educational role and the strengthening of cross cultural exchange, ensuring the intense activity and participation of creative young artists, and audiences alike, in all fields of the arts.




Bergamo Film Meeting Onlus was founded in 1983 and since 2013 it has been registered as a non-profit organization of social utility. Its mission is to promote and support film culture with a particular focus on quality cinema and authors.



Fondazione Cineteca Italiana was created in Milan in 1947. Cineteca is recognized as a "private foundation of public interest" and a "deposit regional law”. Active in the fields of conservation, restoration and promotion of films, Cineteca is among 5 film libraries supported by the national film fund (Ministry of Culture). Cineteca is designated by the Regional authority as "legal regional deposit" of audiovisual materials produced in the area and a FIAF member (Fédération Intérnationale des des Archives du Film) since 1948. 

The Film Corner is our advanced interactive learning platform for film education ( The platform has been developed since 2017 in collaboration with an international network of partners in the frame of the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission and in collaboration with DGCA-Direzione Generale cinema e Audiovisivo of the italian Ministry of Culture. The platform includes a selection of arthouse and heritage EU film and audiovisuals. It is available for free for teachers and students across the world.



The Coop. Soc. Il Nuovo Fantarca onlus arl was founded in Bari (Italy) in 1999.  It deals with cinema for children and teens through media literacy and media education activities. It organizes every year a no competitive festival of cinema for young people, from 4 to 18 years, lasting about six months presenting about 20 films and documentaries, workshops addressed to young people and teachers, parents, educators. It works in cinemas, schools, local social gathering centres, parishes, juvenile justice centres and juvenile penal institutions, roma camps, pediatric hospitals, immigration centres, refugee camps. Some of video productions created by Il Nuovo Fantarca have been shown at international cinema and audiovisual festivals. Il Nuovo Fantarca is a member of ECFA - the European Children’s Film Association - and MED - the Italian Association of Media Education.



“La Scuola allo schermo” - School on screen: the Small Schools initiative that turns cinema into a third educational space. 




EducaTIFF premiered in 2009 with the aim to light the passion of young and very young people for the great magic machinery called cinema, and to influence the first important steps towards a consistent school curriculum for media literacy in Romania. EducaTIFF schedules a series of screenings which rely on an educational platform designed for schools in Cluj County, through which  teachers get connected to lesson plans development resources (trainings, film screenings, after-screening lectures & debates in cinema, educational materials based on films). The films are programmed for specific student age groups and raised out of a strong film, and media literacy, in general, international educational good practice.


CineKids - Cinema ARTA

Cinema ARTA is an arthouse cinema from Cluj-Napoca, one of the oldest ones in Romania. CineKids is an educational program, developed by Cinema ARTA, which aims to use film as an educational tool and to achieve children's literacy in the audiovisual field. The program is designed for children aged 6 to 14 years old.




A Bao A Qu is a cultural association founded in 2004 specifically dedicated to projects that link creation and education and that involve children, young people, creators (filmmakers, photographers, artists...) and teachers. Among the programmes developed by the organisation are ‘Cine en curso’, ‘Fotografía en curso’, ‘Creadores en residencia en los institutos de Barcelona (a programme of the Institute of Culture and the Consortium of Education of Barcelona) and the European projects Moving Cinema and CinEd.



Aulafilm is an educational platform based in Spain that offers a diverse catalogue of more than 180 European and independent films to help young people have a better appreciation of film culture and develop critical thinking skills. Teachers can find resources and advice to start film clubs with online screenings in their own class as well as in a broad network of collaborating cinemas. Aulafilm is promoted by the cultural management agency Las Espigadoras with funding from the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain.


In each country of the Creative Europe/MEDIA programme, many organisations and networks promote the European Film Factory project as its partners. 


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